How to make your essay appear longer.

Since school started for a lot of you, I thought I would share some of my tips and tricks with you guys. We all know that teachers will give us tons of essays, stories, and just things we have to write which have to be multiple pages long and as a college student, I GET IT. Everyone has those days when they can’t think of anything else to write but for some reason, you just can’t think of any more things to write.

I’m here to HELP.

Here are a few things that would benefit you:

1.Larger periods

After you’re done press CTRL + F and search for “.” Change the font of the periods from 12 to 14. It might not be noticeable to the teacher or to someone else unless you point it out and it actually does cause the paper to be significantly longer.

2. Font Choice and Font Size

Some teachers demand that Times New Roman size 12 be used. However, when they forget to add that to the rules, you can change it to whatever you want (unless its written somewhere that you have to in every assigned paper).

You want to choose a font that maximizes height. Obviously, you don’t want to choose a font that’s too difficult to read so stick with a

Font size can also make a big impact on your paper. The picture on the left is 12 and the left is 12.5. See the difference?


3.Space Between lines

Go to layout then play around with the spacing option to increase the spaces between the top and bottom of each paragraph. Be mindful though, the higher the number the more likely it is that it’ll be noticeable so play around with this a bit.

4. Lengthen Header Content

One final way you can make a paper appear longer is by adding more lines to the header of your document. If you make it too long, be sure to have it on only the first page and not every page, cause that would be incredibly obvious.

Good luck you guys, try to use this ONLY when you need to. I know you guys have the potential to succeed and thrive. I hope you smash every assignment you do.

Comment below what other tips you guys many have that you think others may be able to benefit from!


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