Generic gift ideas for both guys & girls.

Sometimes there are times when you want to give a well thought out gift but also don’t have the time or money to make something yourself or to get something personalized and that’s where generic gifts come in. If presented well, generic gifts are something everyone enjoys.

Gender neutral gifts:

  •  Shoes: Figure out if they’re into fitness, get them gym shoes etc
  • Perfumes/Body Sprays:  Everyone likes smelling nice. This is a bit of a sticky one because everyone has different and like different scents.
    • If you can get a general idea of the smells they like or their favorite perfume/s you can easily look up “Scents similar to Viva La Juicy (or their favorite)

  • Gift cards are something everyone can use, give what you can, personalize it to a place they shop at, talk about a ton or eat at a lot
  • Games
    • This could be video games, board games, card games etc.
  • Subscription box subscription
    • There are sooooooo many different subscription box companies that allow you to buy gift subscriptions.
    • Literally look up “Subscription box for foodie” or dad, student, newlywed, chefs, girls, older women, teacher, periods, etc and there’s something for everyone.
  • Hoodie
  • Mug
  • Hair oil
    • Unless they don’t have hair, who doesn’t want soft hair or a soft beard?
  • Face masks
    • You might be thrown off by this but a handful of guys I’ve spoken to have said that they, in fact, would love to use face masks but they never got any or it’s just not something they personally would buy for themselves but they’d love to use it.
    • I see so many brothers and boyfriends and husbands using ones from the girls in their life as well.
  • Skincare items in general like face wash, face scrubs, etc
    • Try to get something is for everyone, don’t like get a face scrub for people with oily skin if they clearly don’t have clear skin.
  • Books
    • Could range from cookbooks, something from their favorite author, on a topic they’ve been wanting to learn about or do etc.
  • Electronics or electronic accessories
    • This could be things like a laptop, PC,  gaming console, video games, speakers, headphones, a new phone, tablet etc.
  • An experience
    • I could be anything be it the spa, a shooting range, paintballing, picnic in your backyard, a nice meal, arcade, bowling, rock climbing, a museum, escape room, sports game, cooking classes, theme park, hot air balloon rides, etc. Literally, go all out or do something that’s close to free, the main thing is they like you and would enjoy doing something or spending time with you.
    • Groupon is a really nice place to check out that is filled with not only a ton of ideas but also provides you with a lot of savings so you can do more for less. (
  • A basic, sleek wallet
  • A fun keychain
  • Socks
    • Could be fluffy, have characters, be generic, whatever it is, everyone uses it.
  • A watch
  • A pet
  • Whatever their hobbies are, things related to that
    • Likes painting? Get a canvas. Photography? Len’s. etc
  • Food, food food.
    • Candies, pizza, snacks, whatever, everyone loves food.
  • Slippers (those fuzzy ones are always fun)
  • Make your own little box/bag of curated gifts filled with little or as many things as you want:
    • Here are some basic ideas of what that could look like:
      • See the source image
      • See the source image
      • See the source image
      • See the source image
      • See the source image
      • See the source image
      • See the source image


  • Flowers
  • Makeup
  • Clothes
  • Lingerie
  • Toys/stuffed animals
  • Jewelry
  • Candles


  • Underwear
  • Aftershave
  • A versatile belt
  • Razor
  • Deodorant


This by no means is a list of everything but it’s just a handful I’ve gotten through asking around and from the top of my head and I hope it’s helpful. As always, feel free to share your thoughts, ideas or any additional ideas you have below as well.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.46.40 AM


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