Alternative Makeup Removers

There are a lot of times when you just don’t happen to have makeup wipes on you or you come home from a party at midnight and you don’t want to wake up with three more pimples but are too tired to go out and buy some wipe etc. So here are some things you can use that will fulfill the purpose of taking off makeup:

  • Oils – These few oils are great because not only do they take off makeup, they also leave your skin moisturized after so you don’t have to take additional steps like applying moisturizer etc. Since they are oils, they dissolve waterproof makeup so you don’t have to scrub on your eyes, lashes or skin. Just pour a little bit on a cotton ball or cotton pad and wipe it off. For stubborn eye makeup, hold the cotton ball or pad, soaked in oil, over your eyes for 10-20 seconds and gently push onto your eyes and wipe it off.
    • Coconut oil (One of my favorites but don’t use if you have a lot of acne or oily skin)
    • Olive oil (Non-comedogenic and great if you have acne since it won’t clog pores)
    • Jojoba oil (Unscented oil that is very similar to the oils produced but your own skin)
    • Baby oil  (I recommend you use this if you have really delicate skin because if it’s gentle enough for babies, it’s gentle enough for you)
    • Almond oil (Pulls out dirt from your pores)
  •  Your normal cleanser – Apply a little bit to your dry skin and rub in circular motions for about a minute all around your eyes, hairline and everywhere you have makeup. Wash it off with warm water and then finish off with cold water to close your pores back.
  • Vaseline – The oil in the petroleum jelly dissolves the makeup so let it fit for a few seconds before you wipe it off (I don’t really recommend you do this on your eyes though since your eyes are way more sensitive than your face).
  • A thick moisturizer – Slather on a lot of lotion, let it sit for a minute or two and wipe it off with a tissue or exfoliating pad.
  • Baby wipes – You’ll need more than you would if you were just using makeup wipes.
  • Your exfoliator – Don’t do this all the time because it will dry out your skin.

I hope that these help you out during your time of need,

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